Be Your True Self

Joy is found in us pursuing God with our full heart. Lean into the things that set your soul on fire, that make your heart sing, and move you to run to the end of the earth. Your fantastic life can be found in constantly pursuing the things that make you want to burst with joy, because God made you to be talented. I believe the things that we can’t let go of are things that God puts in our heart to pursue.

Even if you have no clue what you want or have yet to experience that thing that drives you, keep pushing. Try everything in an effort to discover what God made you to do. Pay attention to the tugging of your heart.

Happiness is found in being as God made you and follow His glorious plan for your life. You were made to do amazing things not to drag through life seeking what others think you should be. The only one who had a right to tell you who you are is your creator, God.

I pray that you live a passion filled life and that you find ease in being comfortable with who you are. Go out and be awesome.

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