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Blending Out Official Launch & Pick-the-Logo Poll

I started Blending Out about a year ago as a place to easily publish articles that were weighing on my heart. I put the website together a little haphazardly, but it served it's purpose. Earlier this Fall, I decided to do another tour of Transit, and start with a new group of 6th graders in the summer. I'm beyond excited to get to start with a group from the very beginning. To get to witness a whole new group of students grow up and transform from kids into young women. I have decided to develop the Blending Out website into a full blogging website. I want this to be a platform and...
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Challenge: Read Proverbs 11 & Journal

This month we have been reading Proverbs, one chapter per day, or at least trying to. In service we have been talking about cause and effect. That the decisions you are making today will have an effect on your future self. Our current self has been hurt by things that our past self did. And we can't take that back. But we can make wiser choices now. The current you is shaping the future you. Are you doing the right things to create a future you that you are proud of? I'll repeat: Are you doing the right things to create a future you that you are proud of? I think that this is a hard...
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Challenge: Share Some Beauty

The evidence of God is all around us. God's creation is beautiful and awesome. What a wildly wonderful world, God! You made it all, with Wisdom at your side, made earth overflow with your wonderful creations. Psalms 104: 24 (MSG) There are times when we look at nature in awe and wonder. We all experience nature differently. God created us each to be unique and to connect with Him in a unique way. The way you experience God will be unique to you, and the things that capture your imagination might be different then the things that your friends or parents find beautiful. The...
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Be Your True Self

Joy is found in us pursuing God with our full heart. Lean into the things that set your soul on fire, that make your heart sing, and move you to run to the end of the earth. Your fantastic life can be found in constantly pursuing the things that make you want to burst with joy, because God made you to be talented. I believe the things that we can't let go of are things that God puts in our heart to pursue. Even if you have no clue what you want or have yet to experience that thing that drives you, keep pushing. Try everything in an effort to discover what God made you to do. Pay attention...
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Open Letter to Divorced Kids

I don't know why my heart has been so stirred by stories of kids with divorced parents. It breaks my heart to see how empty and lonely they feel. Even more so, that they might not know how to have an amazing, fulfilling marriage some day. I'm writing an open letter to my students, that they may find healing and acceptance amidst a painful and uncontrollable situation. Dear child, You are loved. Even if you do not feel loved. Even if you feel alone and the cause of pain. You are so fiercely loved. Nothing you can do can change the fact that you are a child of God. This world, which is full of...
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Leading When There’s No One to Lead

High school and middle school ministries are the hardest places to serve in the church. Between managing drama among the group, inconsistent attendance, and overall silliness it often feels like your volunteer energy is wasted away into empty space. Even with those frustrations I would be the first to tell you that student ministry is worth serving in. The students are fantastic and funny. They have this infectious, youthful energy that is a joy to be around. They are curious and hopeful and not yet spoiled by adulthood. They think differently, and ask questions that sometimes has never...
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