Challenge: Read Proverbs 11 & Journal

This month we have been reading Proverbs, one chapter per day, or at least trying to. In service we have been talking about cause and effect. That the decisions you are making today will have an effect on your future self.

Our current self has been hurt by things that our past self did. And we can’t take that back. But we can make wiser choices now. The current you is shaping the future you. Are you doing the right things to create a future you that you are proud of?

I’ll repeat: Are you doing the right things to create a future you that you are proud of? I think that this is a hard question. Because right now you don’t feel like you are a bad person. Or making terrible decisions. You aren’t actively trying to destroy your future self. You are just living your life. Just getting by. Just waiting. Just working. Just existing.

And even if you feel like you are in a neutral state in terms of how it will effect your future, it couldn’t be farther from the truth. Your future you is shaped by the thoughts, actions and attitudes you have right now. No matter how innocuous your current thoughts might seem. You are either building yourself up or tearing yourself down.

How you shape your future self

Your future self is shaped by how much time you spend on your:


This weeks’ challenge will hit on “Faith” and “Future”. I am a firm believer in journaling, especially when you are going through something difficult or confusing. You don’t have to do it every day or even every week to get the benefits of it. But there is something about writing, with a pen and paper, that allows you to see the truth. God can to amazing, powerful things when you talk to him through writing and journalling.

Writing out prayers might feel awkward if you are not used to doing it. Try it a few times before you discount it. Don’t feel the need to edit yourself as you are writing. Your prayers don’t need to be perfect. All you are doing is writing and expressing what you are already thinking.

If you write down something that is very personal, or you don’t want someone to come across fold the page in half when you are done and tape it. The writing is between you and God.

the Challenge

  1. READ: Read Proverbs 11, the whole thing. If you can open up a printed copy of the bible, or follow the link below to read it on your phone or computer. I promise, it’s not that long.

    Read: Proverbs 11

  2. WRITE: Find a journal, open an app, tear out a sheet of paper, and write out a prayer. There is no prompt here. Just write. Write about what’s going on in your life. Write about why you are frustrated. Write about why you are happy. Write about what you thought about Proverbs 11. Just do it.

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