Friend of Sinners Study Guide

I started reading Friend of Sinners with a student from my small group. I have come to really love this book as an introduction to Christianity and Christ’s message.

I originally purchased the Friend of Sinners study guide that goes along with the video series. But the questions are really better suited for adults and older teens. Middle school students fall into a really unique content category. I think it is important to create questions that hit them where they are: not children but not budding adults. Middle schoolers think about things differently than high schoolers and definitely are in a different category than adults.

Note: some questions are pulled directly from the study guide.

Also to note: you know your group! If a question doesn’t hit home with you or your group, skip it! I also don’t require everyone to answer every question, especially on the nights when we are a group of 10. However, I will pick on the quiet ones sometimes if I feel like they aren’t being heard or would benefit from discussing a particular question.

Questions for Every session

Below are the questions I ask in every single session.

1. What did you think of the chapter? / Did you have any questions about what you read?
2. Was there anything in the chapter that was new to you? Did you learn anything?
3. Can someone summarize the chapter for us?

I always include this question, JUST in case someone hasn’t read for session. Remember that this time is for discussion. And we don’t want someone to drop out of attending just because they aren’t reading every week.

Chapter 1: Missed Message

1. what does grace mean to you?
2. How would you describe the message of Jesus?
3. What do you think was the main thing he came to teach?
4. Reread Matthew 9:9 – 13 out loud. Do you think the Pharisees would have said they were sinners?
5. What do you think God thinks about the Pharisees?
6. Why do you think Jesus spent more time with people who were considered bad or sinners instead of with people who were religious?

Luke 7: 36 – 50

7. Do you think that you (or others) have to behave a certain way to have a relationship with Jesus?
8. Why do you think people reduce Jesus to a list of things you should or shouldn’t do?
9. Based on what we read, what does Jesus require of us to have a relationship with him?
10. Think about your own friends. Do you have the same requirements that Jesus has? Or do you filter your friends based on their behavior, background or associations.
11. If you identify as a Christian, how has Jesus’ message changed you personally?



Please leave a comment below and I will update this post with more Girl Wash Your Face discussion questions.

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