Girl Wash Your Face Discussion Questions – Chapters 6-10

Below you will find the Girl Wash Your Face discussion questions that we used in my adult small group. I hope you find this helpful for your Girl Wash Your Face book club or small group. If you have questions to add, please put them in the comments below and I will happily add them to this post.

Also to note: you know your group! If a question doesn’t hit home with you or your group, skip it! I also don’t require everyone to answer every question, especially on the nights when we are a group of 10. However, I will pick on the quiet ones sometimes if I feel like they aren’t being heard or would benefit from discussing a particular question.

Questions for Every Week

There are a few questions I always ask in group. These Girl Wash Your Face book club discussion questions are intentionally very open-ended. It is ok if there is no real response to these questions. I like to ask these questions because it gives group members an opportunity to voice questions, concerns, deep thoughts, or anything that was weighing heavy on them after reading the chapter.

1. Can someone Summarize the chapter for the group?

This is to catch up those members who didn’t actually read the chapter. It happens, and I like to do this to be gracious and inclusive.

2. Did anything jump out at you? What did you think of the chapter?


Chapter 6: No is the final answer

1. What are some of your big goals in life?
2. Are there any dreams that you have let go of because some one told you no? Do you wish you hadn’t? Or can you recall a time when someone told you no, and you pushed ahead anyway?

“Nothing that lasts is accomplished quickly. Nobody’s entire legacy is based on a single moment.”

3. What voice do you give into most easily?

The sources of “no” that Rachel gives are: authority (boss, parent, spouse, friend), difficulty/it takes too long, personal hardships

4. What do you need to do to work towards your goals?

Make a plan? Make a call? Do some dreaming? Actually do a thing?


Chapter 7: I’m Bad at Sex

This is another chapter, where the Girl Wash Your Face book club questions are going to depend a lot on where your group is in life.

1. Can you relate to Rachel’s experience?
2. How would you rank your current sex life? And are you happy with where it is?
3. How do you think that a poor sex life is effecting your relationship?
4. A lot of women see sex as a chore or obligation in marriage. If that is you, what causes you to see it that way?
5. If you are not in a relationship at the moment, what can you right now to improve your view of sex for your future husband/partner?


Chapter 8: I don’t know how to be a mom

There are a lot of Girl Wash Your Face Book Club questions here. Select the ones that make the most sense for the stage of life of your group.

1. Do you/did you feel like you don’t know what you are doing when it comes to motherhood?
2. What causes you to doubt yourself?

Judgment of your parents or in-laws? Life not living up to Instagram or Pintrest expectations? Expectations set by friends or family?

3. Are you worried or scared of becoming a mom? What are you most worried about?
4. What can you do to prepare yourself or help you feel more confident? or what suggestions does the group have to help you be more prepared?

If your group is all pre-children, I’d like to add my own note here:

Watching your nephew or best friend’s baby is not a full proof solution to feeling more confident or prepared.

You will know your own child in a way that you can’t possibly know that another person’s child, because you will be spending 24 hours a day with your own baby (at least in the beginning). In that time you learn pretty quickly, he likes to be held up, not laid down, she likes that paci and not the green one, he hates the mozart music but will fall asleep to wave sounds in a flash. All these things you learn by trial and error with your own child.

It is hard to learn all of those things about a child in a few hours of babysitting. I just don’t want you to feel like “I’m a failure with other children, so I’ll be a failure with my own children.”

5. What do you wish you could go back and tell yourself?
6. Do you feel like you have a “tribe” or other women to talk to about motherhood?


Chapter 9: I am a Bad Mom

1. When do you feel like a bad mom?
2. When you think about your own childhood, what are the things you want to avoid?
3. When you think about your own childhood, what are the things that you benefited from that you want to incorporate into your own parenting?
4. What kind of children do you want to raise?
5. What stresses you out the most thinking about your children’s future?

Either your unborn, future children OR the future of the children you currently have

6. What of the three things would help you the most to feel differently about motherhood?


Chapter 10: I should be further along by now

1. Think back 10 years ago. Where did you think you would be?
2. Are you happy with where you are now in comparison to where you thought you would be?
3. What are of your life do you “feel you should be further along”?
4. When you ask yourself honestly, are those feelings internally motivated or externally motivated?

Examples of Internal Motivation:

  • I want this for myself and no one else.
  • I want this because it helps me in a long term goal.

Examples of External Motivation:

  • My parents expect me to ___.
  • When I look at my friends/co-workers, their life looks different, and I think my life should look more like theirs.
  • I feel a societal pressure to hit certain milestones by a certain age.
5. Thinking about the areas you want to work on, what changes do you need to make to reach your goals?



More Discussion Questions


Have Girl Wash Your Face book club questions to add?

Please leave a comment below and I will update this post with more Girl Wash Your Face book club discussion questions.

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