Girl Wash Your Face Discussion Questions – Chapters 1-5

My adult small group has been reading Girl Wash Your Face by Rachel Hollis for a few weeks (…months) now. When we started, I was stunned to find that there were no Girl Wash Your Face discussion questions. I scoured Pintrest, the internet, and Rachel Hollis’ own website looking for discussion questions. One of my group members did have a discussion guide that she had received as an email sign up bonus from Rachel Hollis. But this guide is hard to find, and wasn’t very useful for our group. Most of the questions felt like comprehension questions, and not questions that probed the group to think.

Below you will find the Girl Wash Your Face discussion questions that we used in our group. I hope you find this helpful for your small group. If you have questions to add, please put them in the comments below and I will happily add them to this post.

Also to note: you know your group! If a question doesn’t hit home with you or your group, skip it! I also don’t require everyone to answer every question, especially on the nights when we are a group of 10. However, I will pick on the quiet ones sometimes if I feel like they aren’t being heard or would benefit from discussing a particular question.

Questions for Every Week

There are a few questions I always ask in group. These Girl Wash Your Face discussion questions are intentionally very open-ended. It is ok if there is no real response to these questions. I like to ask these questions because it gives group members an opportunity to voice questions, concerns, deep thoughts, or anything that was weighing heavy on them after reading the chapter.

1. Can someone Summarize the chapter for the group?

This is to catch up those members who didn’t actually read the chapter. It happens, and I like to do this to be gracious and inclusive.

2. Did anything jump out at you? What did you think of the chapter?


Chapter 1: Something Else will make me happy

1. Which of the three things that helped Rachel is most helpful to you?
2. On a scale of 1 – 10 how often do you seek happiness or fulfillment from “worldly things”? one meaning, I feel content no matter the situation and ten meaning, I’m constantly thinking about the next thing.
3. Do you think you could identify what makes you happy? what is it?
4. What is something you could do this week/month/year to make you happier or more content?


Chapter 2: I’ll start tomorrow

1. Do you actively think about self improvement? Or do you feel like life is just happening to you?
2. What are some goals or dreams you have for yourself?
3. What promises do you continually break to yourself?
4. What causes you to break those promises?
5. What is a small goal you can commit to for 30 days?


Chapter 3: I’m not Good Enough

I’ll be honest, my group struggled with this chapter. I don’t think that Rachel did a  good job tying “workaholic” back to “I’m not good enough”. I tried to redirect the discussion back to “the lie” in the questions.

1. What areas of your life do you feel like you are not good enough?
2. Rachel’s feeling of “I’m not good enough” manifested it self as spending too many hours at work. What do you tend to do when you feel like you aren’t good enough?

Over working? Defensive? Shut Down?

3. Part of how we cure the lie of “I’m not good enough” is through healthy self care and building ourselves up. What kind of self care are you missing?
4. Our priorities say a lot about what is important to us. If someone from the outside looked at how you spent your energy, what would they say are your top 3 priorities?
5. What do you want your top three priorities to be?


Chapter 4: I’m Better than you

My favorite line from this chapter:

“Our judgement prohibits us from beautiful, life-affirming friendships. Our judgement keeps us from connecting in deeper richer ways because we’re too stuck on the surface-level assumptions we’ve made.”

1. Are there any toxic relationships that you have in your life?
2. Are there any relationships that aren’t as strong as they could be because of your judgement of the other person?
3. On a scale of 1 – 10, how judgemental do you think you are? Why?
4. What topics do you struggle with the most when it comes to judging other people? Or What do you judge people the most on?

Clothes? Income? State of their house? Education? Kids behavior?

5. What strategies would help you the most to see people differently/not be judgemental?


Chapter 5: Loving him is enough for me

There are a lot of Girl Wash Your Face discussion questions here. Select the ones that make the most sense for the stage of life of your group.

1. If you are currently in a relationship, do you think that relationship is healthy?
2. Do you have people in your life that can be a sounding board for your relationship? Are you/would you listen to them?
3. Be honest with yourself. Are there things about your relationship that you hide because you know how they will sound? Is there someone you need to share those things with?

I wouldn’t require an answer for this question. My goal with this question is to stir up feelings and thoughts in any of your group members that are in a silently bad relationship. My hope is that they will confide in you after group if they aren’t comfortable sharing in group.

You might also want to consider, throwing it out there, that you are always open to listen or meet for coffee if someone needs to share something one on one.

4. Have you been in a romantic relationship that was unhealthy? If so, looking back, what were the signs that it had turned sour?
5. Do you know someone in a bad romantic relationship? Are you being a sounding board for them?
6. Is there someone in your life that would benefit from hearing your “bad relationship” story?

A sister? Cousin? Niece? Friend?

7. What are the consequences of staying in a bad relationship?
8. What guardrails can you put up to save you from a bad relationship? What guardrails do you have already?

Guardrails = rules for dating. Example: no kissing on the first date, no sex, etc. Or: I don’t tolerate guys who say things to tear me down, I won’t stay with a guy if he prioritizes his friends over me.



More Girl Wash Your Face Discussion Questions


Have Girl Wash Your Face Discussion questions to add?

Please leave a comment below and I will update this post with more Girl Wash Your Face discussion questions.

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