Mountain Top Bible Study – Week 1

This week marks the first week of the Blending Out Bible Study. I will be meeting every week with a group of fantastic girls to read the bible, talk about God, and share our lives with each other.

I thought it might be beneficial to publish our study guides where anyone could access them.

This first week we are covering the Creation story, in Genesis 1-3. To download the guide, scroll to the bottom of this post.

Why I Started this Bible Study

I attend Brown’s Bridge Church in Atlanta, GA. I love love love my church. We are a sister church to Andy Stanley’s North Point Community Church. And I can easily say that I found my home the first time I walked in the door.

In the last two years serving in our middle school ministry, I have noticed that many of my students (who have grown up in our church) do not have a foundation in their bible. They don’t know where books are located. They don’t know the difference between the new testament and the old. And they often have never read whole chapters.

Many of my girls also express that they don’t know where to go when they sit down and read their bible. They will literally just let it fall open and start reading, which can be an ok tactic sometimes, but can also make you feel directionless.

I have had the great fortune of being a part of a Baptist church which did an excellent job of laying a firm foundation for me. I am familiar with the Bible and its structure and the over arching story of God. I want to share that with my girls.

To my girls

I want you to know God’s story. I want you to learn how to read your Bible in a way that fills you, and isn’t just something you check off. I want you to know where to go when you are searching for answers.

We live in a world where God’s word is just another cute phrase you put on a mug, and where everything is reduced to 1 minute clips. Everything is fast. Loud. Instant. Right here. Right now. Now. Now.

And then it’s gone.

We are on to something new. Holding onto a new 10 second trend.

God did not make us that way. God’s creation is not that way. Making time to steep yourself in God’s word, to read whole chapters, to go deep and not just read the verses that make us feel warm and fuzzy will ground you. When everything seems too fast for you to hold on to, the Bible will be there, slow steady and firm.

God’s word is not meant to be Pintrest perfect, reduced to 140 characters, or containable in a single snap.

Let God be your foundation. Let him speak to you by reading deeper and seeing his grand story. Find yourself grounded, like a house built on a rock.

Read your Bible. Really read it. Engage with God and you will find the he will speak to you through his word.

This is my prayer for you. That you will find stability in God and comfort in the good book.

How to Use the Study Guides

The Bible Study Guides on this website are intended to be used in a small group or bible study setting. But, they can also be used on your own.


Start by reading the passages listed at the top of the guide. Don’t just fly through the text. Read it. Underline the things that stand out to you. Write down questions you have about what you read. Write down thoughts. Reread parts that are confusing.

Bottomline, really read.

And don’t be afraid to mark up your Bible.


If you are in a group, the leader should read the summary aloud, along with any other readings or thoughts about the passage for the study.

If you are on your own, read through the summary on your own. Some of your questions may be addressed in the summary. Resist the urge to read the summary before you read the Bible. I believe that you should give God a chance to speak to you first, before getting someone else’s take on the passages.


Discuss the questions on the guide as a group. I always think it’s best to start with thoughts and questions that people had from reading the passage, rather than diving into the discussion questions. The questions should be used as a guide.

If you are reading on your own, take this time to research answers to some of the questions you had. Or reach out to a leader that might be able to help you answer them. Journal about the questions in the discussion guide.


I always think you should end study time in prayer. I’m not going to give any specific guidelines on what to pray on. Just lift up what is on your heart, as individuals and as a group.

Mountain Top Week 1 Bible StudyDownload Mountain Top – Week 1

From the creation story we learn many things about God’s character. Week 1 covers the creation and and fall of man.

Download Mountain top week 1

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