Girl Wash Your Face Discussion Questions – Chapters 11-15

Below you will find the Girl Wash Your Face guide that we used in my adult small group. I hope you find this helpful for your Girl Wash Your Face book club or small group. If you have questions to add, please put them in the comments below and I will happily add them to this post.

Also to note: you know your group! If a question doesn’t hit home with you or your group, skip it! I also don’t require everyone to answer every question, especially on the nights when we are a group of 10. However, I will pick on the quiet ones sometimes if I feel like they aren’t being heard or would benefit from discussing a particular question.

Questions for Every Week

There are a few questions I always ask in group. These Girl Wash Your Face guide  questions are intentionally very open-ended. It is ok if there is no real response to these first questions. I like to ask these questions because it gives group members an opportunity to voice questions, concerns, deep thoughts, or anything that was weighing heavy on them after reading the chapter.

1. Can someone Summarize the chapter for the group?

This is to catch up those members who didn’t actually read the chapter. It happens, and I like to do this to be gracious and inclusive.

2. Did anything jump out at you? What did you think of the chapter?


Chapter 11:

1. What areas do you feel are out of control?
2. Do you think that you have room in your life to embrace the chaos?
3. Do you have too many things on your plate?

I like to think of your time/energy as “cups”. Every person has 10 cups. And you only have 10 cups of water. But many people tend to commit to 15 cups worth of things. When that happens, you will inevitably drop something in the process of trying to fill 10 cups with 15 cups of water.

Example of what my cups look like: Currently, 4 of my cups are family and child care, 2 are household responsibilities, 1 is devoted to small groups at church, 2 are devoted to work, and one is for myself.

4. What “fruit of the spirit” do you need most in your life right now? What do you think would refresh you the most?

Love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self control

5. Do you think you are good at accepting help from others?
6. What are your top three priorities?


Chapter 12: I need to make myself smaller

1. Do you feel like you make yourself smaller for other people?
2. Do you feel mom guilt?
3. What areas do you allow yourself to be small in?
4. Rachael suggests that you consume content in an area you feel you are muting. What content do you think you need to seek out?

This question in meant to prompt resource sharing.

A note that she does not talk about in the book. I believe that the areas that you down play to others are the areas that God has blessed you with great skill or talent. When we make our self small, it is often to make ourselves more acceptable to other people. Being ridiculously talented is intimidating to others. So we shrink it. Embrace what God has uniquely gifted you with. And admire those gifts in others.


Chapter 13: I will marry Matt Damon

1. Do you day dream about your goals?
2. What do you dream about most?
3. Do you feel like it is helpful to have motivational images or quotes around you? If so, what kind of inspiration do you need right now? And where should you pin up that motivation?
4. What of the three things would/does help you the most?

write it down, saying it out loud, create a vision board


Chapter 14: I am a terrible writer

“Whether or not something is good or worth is up for interpretation. And if you are unconcerned about other people’s interpretation, then everything you create is fantastic.”

1. Have you ever been crushed by something critical someone said, in real life or on the internet?

If you do not see yourself as an artist or creator (of any kind), think about one of these areas: work, parenting, leader of a group, maintaining your home, fitness or workout life.

2. For the non-artists: Do you allow the “I’m not creative” thoughts to stop you from engaging in the joy of creating?

Or phrased another way: do you allow yourself to be muted because you can’t create perfection? (are you your worst critic)

Examples of creating: crafts, baking, “fancy cooking”, dancing, writing, etc.

My thoughts: creating is an action, not something that must be perfect or instagramable.

3. What do you do (or want to do) that leaves you open to critics?
4. Do you let those critics get to you? And how does that affect your work?
5. Do you think it is easier or harder to tune out critics from strangers vs friends and family?
6. What would you do, or how would it affect your work if you tuned them all out?


Chapter 15

1. Is there anything weighing on you that you want to share with the group?
2. What has helped you most when dealing with difficult circumstances?
3. If you feel like you are on the other side of a trauma, what do you wish you could have told yourself back then?




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