Noah and the Ark Bible Study – Mountain Top Series – Week 2

noah and the ark bible study

We jump forward a couple of chapters in Genesis to the story of Noah. In the Noah and the Ark Bible Study we will read most of the story of Noah and his family.

In week two we talk about Noah and the Ark. As we read the full story of Noah we again get to see God’s forgiveness. We also see that it is not the sweet, picture perfect story we often hear as children.

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If you can, I highly recommend reading all the passages for the Noah and the Ark Bible Study out of a physical Bible. Reading from a printed copy will better ensure that you will not be distracted. As much I am a fan of all things digital, there is no replacement for real books.

However, I would rather you read a digital version, than not read at all.

The one big advantage of using an online Bible, such as YouVersion, is that you can find a version of the Bible that is best for you. My family reads most often from The Message or New International Version.

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The Tough Questions

The story of Noah often brings up some tough questions that make it hard to believe that it could be true. Below I have collected some links to articles that best answer these questions.

If you haven’t gone through the study yet, stop.

I always believe it is best to read God’s word first before reading commentary. Give God a chance to speak to you before you start inviting human perspective into the equation.

Is there Historical Proof of a Great Flood?

Was there really a great flood? – How Stuff Works

How did the animals fit on the ark?

How did Noah fit all the animals on the ark? – Got

How did all the animals fit on Noah’s ark? –

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