Why Do Bad Things Happen to Good People?

I got a text message from my lovely high school co-leader. She told me a tragic story about a friend who’s family has suffered a tragedy and had just gotten news of another. Her question:

Why do bad things happen to good people?

How can God let this happen?

Below was my response to her. I hope this helps you understand why. That this will allow you to lean on God, rather than pull away from Him.

My response:

You have to remember that we live in a world where sin is trying to wrestle the reigns from God’s hands. Satan is active and real. And Satan is terrified of the good, God loving people in the world. Satan knows that you have the potential to spread truth and love and joy. And Satan hates that. When bad things happen, often it is because Satan wants you to ask that question: “Why God?”

Satan wants you to question and pull away, and believe that God wants bad things and pain for us.

^That could not be further from the truth. God wants all good things for us.

When bad things happen I believe that one of two things are happening: God is trying to teach you something amazing, or Satan is jealous and trying to pull you back from God.

It can be hard to see the difference. And sometimes they are one in the same. God works in us for all good, and wants us to grow up and be wise in faith, humble, joyful, loving, and kind. Sometimes the only way to shake us from our terrible habits is to push and break. And every moment that happens God is sitting as a proud Father in heaven, wanting us to see how deep His love is.

While we are on this earth we are going to be subject, not only to our own sin, but to the sins of others. And until we are wrapped safely in heaven’s arms, we will experience unexplainable, heart breaking things. And it is how good people react to those bad things that makes people around us look up and notice.

In the most terrible times, people are watching how we react. And when we turn to God, even when it seems like God has allowed this terrible thing to happen, that we are able to show God’s great glory and love to others.

Know too, that God’s heart breaks when our heart breaks, especially when it is out of love for one another.

God never wanted this pain for us. We are the ones who strayed and changed. God is the ultimate love. The ultimate support. The ultimate forgiver. The ultimate healer. The ultimate everything.

It is my prayer that you find comfort in this post, and understand that you are fully, completely and wholely loved by God.

Verses to Read

Psalms 22

Proverbs 16:2

Job 35:13 – 14