What I Wish I Could Tell Every Middle Schooler


Middle school is hard.

Kids are mean. Classes are more difficult. You are trying to understand not just who you are, but where you fit. It is like trying to cross a river where the rocks are constantly moving while being pelted with snow balls.

For many people, middle school sets the tone for your outlook on life. You will make decisions about friends, family, and faith that will shape your path and how you view the world.

Transit, your small group, and trusted adults should to be lifelines, to help you as you balance and make your way across the rushing river of middle school. Don’t be afraid to reach out if you have tough or embarrassing questions. I promise you, the adults and mentors in your life want to hear what you are thinking. I urge you to confide in them when you feel safe.

Take courage and know that you are not alone. This time in your life is just a phase, and good or bad, it will pass.

You are fully, wholely, and completely loved by God. It is my deepest wish that you understand the depths which you are both loved and wanted, and that you were made for a purpose. And, even if I never get the chance to wrap my arms around you, my heart, through God, goes out to you.

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